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To Work

Alkemi’s on-chain liquidity protocol is a non-custodial solution for stakeholders to earn incentives on their idle crypto assets, providing the infrastructure required for the internet of value.

A decentralized community-based liquidity solution.

Alkemi will be available to the community with no upfront costs, where users can earn by applying their idle wallet balances to a community liquidity reserve for tokenized ecosystems and cryptocurrency exchanges.

By distributing the benefits that are typically held by independent funds and intermediaries, Alkemi offers a token-incentivized, low-risk solution to fragmented market liquidity conditions.


Put your idle coins to work with the community and build liquid markets through a transparent, non-custodial network.


Eliminate the excess of additional fees and time imposed by unnecessary middlemen.


Inject liquidity into fragmented exchange marketplaces and earn from unused token inventories.


A Non-Custodial Liquidity Super Highway


A Decentralized Liquidity Protocol

Alkemi’s crowdsourced liquidity solution will deliver increased transparency and price efficiency to blockchain marketplaces. By providing a non-custodial protocol where participants can earn incentives from crypto-to-crypto market inefficiencies, Alkemi will enable supporters to maintain control of their assets across existing, provenly-secure exchange models and to collectively build a liquidity highway into the growing number of trustless, decentralized platforms.


Token Alliance

The Alkemi Alliance is a crowdsourced liquidity initiative designed to support the influx of decentralized and peer-to-peer exchange platforms by addressing the significant crypto-market price inefficiencies amidst fragmented exchange marketplaces.

The Alliance’s liquidity network will bring the transparency necessary for a decentralized internet of value to the blockchain marketplace by allowing members to retain custody of their assets and earn from their idle coin reserves.


A Secure Wallet and Liquidity Reserve Solution

Alkemi’s decentralized protocol preserves the higher security standards of blockchain technology by allowing users' funds to remain off-exchange. This model is able to permeate underlying infrastructures and enable the integration of a trustless method on exchanges without posing counterparty risk to the funds contributed.


Efficient Inter-Exchange Settlement

Smart contract protocols, the building blocks of Ethereum-based platforms, make credible, non-custodial transactions possible and replace inefficient third-parties with automated processes. This reliably accelerates settlement times and lowers transaction costs.


Our Roadmap to Success


Frequently Asked Questions

The Alkemi Network is a platform designed to address the significant price inefficiencies across fragmented cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces. It offers a token-incentivized, non-custodial solution for investors to earn interest on their idle crypto deposits while improving market stability.

Information on the Alkemi token will be made available after reaching a consensus with alliance members.

Alliance members publicly pledge a percentage of their circulating token supply to Alkemi’s community liquidity reserve to confirm their commitment to the platform and back the initiative.

Alliance members will serve to bring liquidity to decentralized platforms and provide additional transparency and price efficiency to blockchain marketplaces.

Information on the Alkemi protocol will be made available after consultation with founding token alliance members and consensus is reached.

An exact date cannot be confirmed, but we aim to share a complete roadmap after reaching a consensus with founding token alliance members.

In addition to building liquidity into a growing number of trusted, decentralized platforms, the Alliance community will foster new fund management projects where trade strategies are submitted by participants and are back-tested via machine learning to be selected by an open-source AI agent.


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