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DeFi for CeFi

Decentralized Finance for Centralized Institutions

The Problem

Unlocking web 3.0 value transfer for the web 2.0 CeFi user, thus eliminating the fragmented distinction between the two user experiences.

Our Solution

An API-based platform facilitating turnkey access to DeFi liquidity.
Our network’s flagship product, Alkemi Earn, is a permissioned liquidity pool where users can borrow/lend on 5 core DeFi markets with KYC/whitelist functionality (and bootstrap liquidity via our own AMM). As of now, Alkemi Earn has three ways the customer can interact with it: 1) front end, 2) API, and 3) via whitelabel.

Market Focus

We sit in between (and serve) ‘DeFi’ Protocols and ‘’CeFi’ Institutions - bridging the two sides via our permissioned liquidity pool and omnibus asset management experience.


The Next Frontier of Capital Allocation

Alkemi is an API-based liquidity network. We are on a mission to bridge DeFi and CeFi with our flagship product, Alkemi Earn...


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Introduction to the Alkemi Network

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New York, Toronto