Institution-grade liquidity
for digital assets

Alkemi Network provides institutions and exchanges with turnkey access to digital asset markets. We give our clients the tools they need to participate in a compliant environment within the decentralized financial ecosystem.


Deep liquidity for digital assets. Our on-chain, compliance-verified liquidity pools are tailored for institutional flow.


Turnkey access to DeFi features and functionality for legacy financial systems. Our platform optimizes for seamless access between Web2 and Web3 capital allocators.


Compliance, reporting and risk management features. Our Network is designed to reduce risk and maximize value for our institutional clients.

The institutional portal to on-chain financial markets.

Earn with Alkemi Earn

Earn is our flagship product, an on-chain liquidity protocol designed for institutions to borrow and lend across a range of digital asset markets including ETH, WBTC, DAI and USDC.

Users are KYC / AML verified

Guaranteed KYC / AML verified access across our digital asset pools, securing a trusted counterparty environment for our customers.

Institution-grade reporting

Turnkey access to DeFi features and functionality for legacy financial systems. Our platform optimizes for seamless access between Web2 and Web3 capital allocators.

Omnibus wallet access

Risk and transaction fees minimized, liquidity and control maximized, all streamlined through the Earn omnibus wallet experience.

Multi Sig Wallet Control

Multiple team member approval required for all client transactions, reducing the single point of failure risk.

Our Customers

We provide the technology for digital asset allocators, exchanges and on-chain infrastructure providers to access deep liquidity borrow and lend functionality.

Digital Asset Funds

Access to DeFi lending protocols is restricted for regulated counterparties due to compliance risk, a lack of liquidity, limited visibitility and insuffucient transaction reporting. Alkemi Earn solves these issues and enables digital asset allocators to borrow and lend with insitution-grade functionality.

  • Access to Compliant DeFi Protocols
  • Institutional Grade Functionality
  • Comprehensive Reporting Features

Centralized Exchanges

Exchanges are limited in providing customers with direct access to DeFi protocols due to compliance, counterparty and infrastructure risks. Alkemi Earn solves these issues and provides exchanges with an embedded DeFi user interface, enabling their customers to borrow and lend from their own platform.

  • User Portal to DeFi Protocols
  • Embedded User Interface
  • Access to Permissioned Liquidity Pools

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to use Alkemi Earn?

Currently, we are only onboarding registered users to use Alkemi earn. Contact us if you wish to learn more.

Will there be an Alkemi token?

Yes, in the very near future we are launching a governance / utility token called ALK.

Do I have to undergo KYC/AML processes to use Alkemi Earn?

Yes, all counterparties are required to pass AML / KYC verification. After fulfilling the first stage of registration criteria, customers will be provided with seamless onboarding.

Which digital assets are supported in Alkemi Earn?

We provide access to ERC-20 compatible asset markets including ETH, WBTC and stablecoins including USDC and DAI.

Partners & Investors

Alkemi Network is forging strategic partnerships with leading enterprises in the Web3 ecosystem.

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